Legal Coaching

two businessmen writing and signing documents

Over 50% of the divorces in the northwest are filed “pro se” that is without attorneys. This percentage increases every year. The reason for this high percentage of couples going to court without a law degree is cost and control. Divorce is financially stressful. The court process does not result in predictable outcomes. Many judges say that if both parties are unhappy, it was a good decision. Couples are no longer settling for lose-lose when it comes to something as personal as their family’s future.

Whether your case is uncontested and you just want an attorney review of the documents you drafted, or your spouse served you with divorce papers and you want help preparing a Response, Human Alchemy offers à la carte legal services. Many couples that resolve their disputes out of court, later get overwhelmed by the legal paperwork and nuances of the court filing system. Some couples just don’t want to have to take time off work to go to court to file the papers. Human Alchemy offers cost-effective options for the preparation of court documents with and without attorney representation.

Our skilled family law attorneys can coach you through the document drafting process, or represent you just to file the final orders. À la carte legal services allow you to retain complete control of the costs and process, while getting the legal advice you want only at the stages you need help.