Couple going through a military divorce.

Military Divorces Are Not Fairytales

Movies about life in the military are often laughable. The weapons and other equipment depicted are all wrong. The training montages are often senseless and brutal. And even battle scenes “based on a true story” are unrealistic. Serious subjects, such as military divorces, get turned into warped fairytales.  If there’s a good plot, you can […]

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A neutral mediator, resolving an issue with a divorcing couple.

Are Mediators Really Neutral? Ask Switzerland

Mediators are the Switzerland of the legal world. Like the small alpine nation, we pledge to remain neutral in the face of conflict. Instead of fighting for one side or another, we like the country, attempt to broker peace deals. However, instead of navigating international conflicts, we at Human Alchemy focus our efforts on resolving […]

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