About Us

Human Alchemy, PLLC was founded in 2019 to meet the needs of Pacific Northwest businesses and families who wish to retain control of the outcome to the dispute they face. We support our clients through a non-litigation focused practice to prevent conflicts of interest and help out clients come to solutions they agree to. As skilled litigators with impressive track records, we love the courtroom. But we understand that the only people having fun at court are the attorneys. Additionally, many judges will tell you that if both sides are unhappy, it was a good decision. Going to court takes away the parties’ control of the outcome. More importantly, litigation brings in more revenue as it takes more attorney time. There is an inherent conflict of interest during settlement talks when your attorney will make more money if they fail. We created Human Alchemy to remove that conflict of interest and fully align with our clients’ goals to stay out of the courtroom.

We also established Human Alchemy to meet the needs of military affiliated businesses and families. Drawing on our own military affiliations, we understand the lexicon, complex federal laws, and unique needs that arise when a businesses and families have ties to the military.